Monmouth International is the exclusive Marine Distributor for Green Drain™

The Green Drain trap seal is the new standard for floor drains, providing critical protection to passengers and employees of marine operators like Cruise LinesOil and Gas Platforms, Ferries and Military Vessels, among others.

The Green Drain™ and COVID-19

Evidence has shown that the 2019 Novel Coronavirus can travel through bathroom drainpipes and floor drains the same way that SARS did during the 2003 pandemic. Green Drain™ is a proactive, cost-effective solution that fits into drains as a one-way trap seal. It protects against the spread of contagious pathogens like COVID-19 and Norovirus and it shuts out toxic gases, odors, and insects, while preventing minor flooding. 

It’s the only globally multi-patented product on the market, constructed with a revolutionary silicone skirt technology that installs in seconds. Paired with their non-toxic organic bio-enzymatic cleaning foam, it replaces costly toxic chemicals as well. Drain maintenance drops to almost zero as Green Drain™ requires no water to function properly, unlike water primers that can dry out causing major issues such as exposure to drainage networks and drug-resistant biofilms.

Green Drain allows the flow of water and debris, 
while blocking harmful pathogens and gases,
as well as odors and pests.

How It Works

The Green Drains’ dual patent design allows for the flow of water and debris, while blocking gases, odors and pests. 

View the demo video for more information.

Remove the grate or strainer.

Match the opening size 
(2”, 3”, 3.5”, or 4”) with
the product size.

Place the appropriate size Green Drain into the floor drain body outlet connection, or the throat of the strainer.

The four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings that have variations in size.

Recess The Green Drain into the pipe for maximum flow
of liquids, and Replace
the grate.

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